Green Hosting Pricing

Do you want to host your website on an environmentally friendly hosting service?

For 1 website


  • Web hosting
  • Elementor Pro license
  • Automatic backups


  • Basic pack
  • 1 manual backup / month
  • Web maintenance
  • Hosting support


  • Web hosting
  • Elementor license
  • Automatic backups


  • Basic Pack
  • 1 manual backup / month
  • Web maintenance
  • Hosting Support

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please fill out the following form with your contact details and a message, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Is it cost-effective to contract with you?

You can answer this question yourself:

The most basic plan from GreenGeeks is $11.95/month or $143.40/year, and the license for Elementor Pro for one site is €59/year.

The cheap plan from Dreamlover costs 15€/month or 150€/year.

Now I ask you: which is more cost-effective for you?

Who is the basic plan for?

For people who want quality, eco-friendly, and affordable hosting.

It’s advisable to have some knowledge or a technical team to maintain the website.

If you require assistance, you would need to contract for support services.

Who is the premium pack for?

For those needing quality hosting and professional web maintenance without any surprises in price. In other words, for people who want to sleep easy and not worry about their website.

What does hosting assistance involve?

Hosting assistance refers to solving problems related exclusively to web hosting, such as issues with email sending.

Can I request hosting assistance if I choose the basic package?

Certainly. However, in this case, you would receive it at an additional cost (50€/hour).

Can I request website maintenance if I choose the medium package?

Certainly. In this case, carrying out additional web maintenance comes at an additional cost (30€/hour during working hours and 50€/hour if urgent).

If I have the medium package and my website has issues, can you help?

Certainly. Just note that the medium package includes support for hosting but not the website, so helping resolve your website’s error would incur an additional cost (30€/hour during working hours and 50€/hour if urgent).

What does website maintenance entail?

Website maintenance involves carrying out the necessary tasks to ensure the proper functioning of the website: testing on different devices, functionality tests, plugin updates, manual backups, etc.

Which is better for me: a monthly or annual plan?

The annual plan. Where possible, we have tried to offer small discounts for annual plans, as it also simplifies our management: one invoice a year instead of twelve.

Does your hosting offer automatic backups?

Yes. It is one of the reasons why we choose to work with this hosting provider.

Can more manual backups be performed each month?

Of course. We, from experience, execute one at the time of updating plugins or making significant changes on the website to avoid problems.

Why do online stores have a total cost? What would be the final price?

From experience, we know that maintaining an online store is more complex than a corporate website or a blog. It requires more hours of attention and this is what forces us to offer it at a higher price.

We do not offer a standard price for all online stores, as some have 20 products and others have 200. It would not be fair to charge the one with 20 the same as the one with 200.

Prices start from 100€/month or 1,150€/year.

Can I switch from one package to another at any time?

Of course, we are flexible and like to make things easy. If you decide to switch to a higher package, we will calculate the price difference from the day the change is made until the end and issue an invoice at the end of the month. In the opposite case, switching to a lower package, credit will be generated to be consumed in the following month (or months). The money will not be refunded, except in very exceptional cases (to be studied individually).

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Of course, it is perfectly possible. We like to make things easy and do not want to retain anyone against their will.
Keep in mind that the money will not be refunded, except in very exceptional cases (to be studied individually).

Is there a trial period? Why?

No. We have been working with this hosting provider for many years and are confident that we are offering a high-quality hosting service.

Who is your hosting provider?

Our hosting provider is GreenGeeks. After having tried others previously, we find it to be high-quality, reliable, secure hosting with great technical support. Its data center is in Amsterdam.
Also, we love that it is a green hosting committed to the environment!

What if I ask you about something that is already written here?

We will indicate that this doubt has already been answered in the frequently asked questions.

What payment methods do you accept?

Card, bank transfer, and PayPal. Preferably in euros.

What if I have more than one website?

We are also prepared for that. We explain it easily:

I have additional doubts, what do I do?

Get in touch! We are at your disposal to help you resolve them. Fill out the form that appears on the page or find us through other available contact methods: WhatsApp, phone, or social networks.
In addition, we will try to add this new doubt to the frequently asked questions to try to help other people.

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