Meet the team

My name is David Garcia

At Dreamlover Digital Solutions, the story begins with a dream. My dream. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and project management, I’m turning my passion into a digital agency to help people like you achieve your own goals. This adventure is not just about technology and business, but about assisting individuals who dare to dream and have the courage to pursue those dreams.

The mission is clear: to help you transform your brilliant ideas into tangible realities.

At Dreamlover Digital Solutions, we see every project as a dream waiting to be realized. We strive to be more than a digital solutions company; our goal is to be your partner in the journey towards success.

With a team of external collaborators, each an expert in their field, we offer a unique mix of skills, knowledge, and dedication.

Join us on this journey where technology and passion come together to create the future. Your success is our success, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way in realizing your dreams.

My name is Borja Camarasa

As a passionate advocate for improvement and continuous learning, I joined this exciting project with the firm belief that I could contribute a touch of versatility to this wonderful entrepreneurial initiative.

I transitioned from graduating in Marketing and Advertising to recently completing a Full Stack Developer Bootcamp.

I believe in the process of continuous improvement in life. And from that perspective, I apply that vision to this beautiful project.

I would dare to say, from my humble opinion, that David and I make the perfect symbiosis.

David brings a vision more rooted in experience and tranquility. Borja brings a fresher and bolder perspective.

David has a calmer and more composed character. Borja has a strong personality, more rebellious and politically incorrect.

David communicates with a more cautious language, while Borja is more aggressive and direct.

Together, we complement each other perfectly with the part that the other lacks, making this union a very powerful team.

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